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Tu Moana

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Elegant, distinguished, cosmopolitan in style the TU MOANA and the TI'A MOANA present a svelte profile. Constructed in Australia using the combined talents of Austal ships and Oceanfast yachts they are unique.

Each has its own personality, its own tone, dark woods or light woods, both are incorporated into a contemporary design that successfully marries Polynesian art, an audacious alliance from the Swedish design studio of Tillberg Design and the inspiration given by the ship owner.

Stark and kenzo cohabitate in harmony with pieces especially commissioned by local artists, creating an ambiance that is both novel and surprisingly attractive.

The tiniest of alcoves, the smallest of corners, each shelters gracious statues , majestic carved tikis, all in contrast to the "art gallery" of clich├ęd black and white photographs that grace the passageways to the guestrooms adding simple shades of emotions.

Tu Moana displays the sleek lines of a luxury private motor yacht. The mono-hull cruise yacht is 69.1 meters or 226'7" long, has a broad beam of 13.8 meters or 45'3" and displaces 2,677 tonnes. Power is from two Mtu engines that offer a high-speed of 16 knots, and an easy cruising speed of 12 knots.

One of the most innovative features is the 2.3 meter or 7'1" draft. Given the average depth of the leeward island lagoons is a mere 5 meters, this unique hull design enables the cruise-yacht to access areas of the lagoon that the larger ships can only dream about. This concept has been operated and proven on a number of new vessels and offers a high level of stability and comfort in the open seas.

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June 2003




69.1 meters

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